Sunday, August 23, 2009

She's 5?!!!

Miss G's BD is the same day as Dave's! (yes I'm late with this post) There is much to love about her:
*She made Kellie a mother - and me a Grandmother. I LOVE her for that!
*Her name is Grace Kellie H....... So cute.
*She loves to sing. And sings LOUD!
*She has a love and thirst for good things. Spiritual things.
*We have called her Gracie for forever, but recently she decided she is GRACE.
*She has the cutest sing/song voice.
*She is a Princess-ey/Girly girl! Love this.
*She is very timid about trying new things.

*She is a very sweet big sister. *She has a very sweet "no teeth" smile.
*She is part of a very lovely family.
Grace. I love you every day and miss you every day!


Kellie said...

Cute. One problem...the top picture is of miss E not miss G.

I know, they look so much alike.

Thought you might want to know!

Heather Taylor Photography said...

CUTE!! She's such a doll, and it's been fun "watching" her grow up!

Josh and Brittany Redd said...

Hey Moma!! We are doing really good. You are an awesome photographer! How are you guys doing? We sure do miss ya. It seems like forever since we saw ya last.

Vonnie said...

What an adorable little girl. No wonder you're such a proud grandma, you should be!

Chanelle said...

I love the things you said about your husband and Grace. Fun to have a double b-day! Congrats on 30 years, wow!