Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hubs

Had a birthday yesterday! He is now 50 Something. There is much to love about this man, and you know I'm going to share:

*He is very handsome. *He loves me.
*He is a very righteous man. A spiritual giant. Seriously.
*He is so very tolerant of my many hobbies.
*He cleans bathrooms, including toilets!
*He pushed his 82 year old mother in a wheelchair, for 3 days, in Disneyland.
*I love that he will hug, and/or kiss me in public.
*I love that we met in Albertson's grocery store. I checked him out! Literally.
*He is fun. *I love his salt and pepper hair.
*He is the world's greatest Papa.*He gave me two very handsome boys, and two very beautiful girls.*I LOVE this guy. And sorry ladeez, he's all mine!
And next week we will celebrate 30 years of marriage! 30 years of joy and bliss. And let's keep it real. Not everything in marriage is bliss, but I really wouldn't trade one minute of my life with this man.


Kellie said...

Love it! You did make a good catch!

Stephanie said...

He is a very handsome man! Thank you for sharing. I love that you have a good marriage it gives the rest of us hope!

Jena said...

Yahoo happy birthday Dave! We love you and I am so grateful for you example and love in my life!

Andy and Mallory: said...

What a stud muffin!! We love that PAPA! (imagine Alli's deep, raspy voice.)

Krysta said...

What a cute post! He is handsome! You two are so cute together.

Vonnie said...

What a great man you married. I agree that he is a keeper. Congrats on your 30th! Aren't we lucky to be married to good men? You look lovely in the last shot. You never age!

thompsonmania said...

Congratulations! What a sweet post.