Sunday, August 30, 2009

School pictures suck.

I'm just saying. If you would like another option, I'm offering a special:

*a 20 minute session
*only one child per 20 minute session
*indoors (at my home)
*use of my new [old] chairs
*you would get 3 images on a CD If you are interested or have any questions: email me @

Offer good through the end of October.
Thanks Mal. Cost is $30.00.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another birthday

My Kellie. My firstborn. My long distance daughter turned 29. My loves of her:

*She made me a mother.
*She is good at card games. And Pick (a game with Scrabble tiles).
[We all secretly hate her for this] JK Kellie!
*She is a good example to her younger siblings.
*She is a wonderful wife and mother.

*She is beautiful.

*She creates a peaceful, organized home. And she has lived in as many homes as years she has been married!*Her knowledge of the scriptures astounds me.

*Her desire to serve the Lord astounds me.

*She is a pilar of FAITH.

*She was a good baby, toddler, child, teenager, and adult. She is a GOOD person.
She and David moved to California right after their wedding. They actually drove away after the reception and never came back {except for visits, of course}. They have done much good in the church and community in all the places they have called home.
Kellie. You are loved and missed!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

She's 5?!!!

Miss G's BD is the same day as Dave's! (yes I'm late with this post) There is much to love about her:
*She made Kellie a mother - and me a Grandmother. I LOVE her for that!
*Her name is Grace Kellie H....... So cute.
*She loves to sing. And sings LOUD!
*She has a love and thirst for good things. Spiritual things.
*We have called her Gracie for forever, but recently she decided she is GRACE.
*She has the cutest sing/song voice.
*She is a Princess-ey/Girly girl! Love this.
*She is very timid about trying new things.

*She is a very sweet big sister. *She has a very sweet "no teeth" smile.
*She is part of a very lovely family.
Grace. I love you every day and miss you every day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hubs

Had a birthday yesterday! He is now 50 Something. There is much to love about this man, and you know I'm going to share:

*He is very handsome. *He loves me.
*He is a very righteous man. A spiritual giant. Seriously.
*He is so very tolerant of my many hobbies.
*He cleans bathrooms, including toilets!
*He pushed his 82 year old mother in a wheelchair, for 3 days, in Disneyland.
*I love that he will hug, and/or kiss me in public.
*I love that we met in Albertson's grocery store. I checked him out! Literally.
*He is fun. *I love his salt and pepper hair.
*He is the world's greatest Papa.*He gave me two very handsome boys, and two very beautiful girls.*I LOVE this guy. And sorry ladeez, he's all mine!
And next week we will celebrate 30 years of marriage! 30 years of joy and bliss. And let's keep it real. Not everything in marriage is bliss, but I really wouldn't trade one minute of my life with this man.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss A's BD post

This is pretty much how her 2 year pics went! Did anyone notice my new, lovely red chair? Dave suggested I cut back on the new [old] chair purchases. I said OK. Starting......tomorrow!
Things you must know and love about her:
*Her BLUE eyes!
*She has a shoe obsession! (you go girl!) Any size, any style.
*She has long skinny arms, and long skinny legs. It it so very yummy when she wraps them around me!
*She is quite bossy. She likes to be in charge and tell people what to do. (and again - you go girl!)
*When her mom tells her that it's time to get her hair combed, her response is always: "I'm busy right now."
*She is an excellent eater! Eats about anything but especially loves "basketti."

*She has some very delicious dimples.*"Kiss it better" is a favorite request of hers. Along with "What's gonna happen?" (when watching a movie she has not seen before).
*She LOVES her baby dolls and real babies and will be such a sweet big sister (less than 3 months!).
I love this little pumpkin!

Monday, August 17, 2009