Wednesday, August 5, 2009

12 kids!

And 2 grandkids! I tried really hard to say no to this session. Just cuz. . . .well,. . . .that's a lot of kids! It turned out to be way fun. Crazy, but fun. Meet the lovely Poulsen family:
The grandbabies!
Does anyone, that knows me personally, notice anything funny about the first 2 photos......?


Kellie said...

All I know is that there is one very handsome boy on the far side! =)

Cute pics.

Heather Taylor Photography said...

I'm very impressed and very stumped! You did awesome with these- I'm sure they'll love them.

Please divulge your "something funny." It'll drive me crazy until you do. :)

Robyn said...

Hey! Is Joe a member of this family? I noticed it before I even got to the bottom of the post!

Stephanie said...

I noticed it too. What's up with that?