Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The perfect-est day......

*North Beach
*warm and sunny/overcast-ish
*slight breeze
*no crowds
[we almost had the beach to ourselves]
*water temp: PERFECT!
*pure JOY!!!


Hayley said...

Looks like heaven! I'm so jealous.

(And how have I missed so many posts?)

Scott, Romney, and Jocelyn said...

Looks like tons of fun!! I love all the pictures too! They're awesome!

HBC said...

Oh I love it when Bear Lake is warm and there's no wind!!(it's so rare to have no wind)

I can't wait to be there in August. What a fun day you guys had!

Cathy G said...

I love all the family pictures from your fun day! I wish I had your eye, but I can enjoy looking at your work!