Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th

Good friends.
My nose.
The Hubs nose.
Diamond Rio
Does Shawn like country music? I'm thinkin'. . . . . . . . NO!
Three hours of program. Thirty minutes of fireworks [well, not positive on that]. Three hours to get home [I live 20 minutes away]. Priceless!


Kellie said...

It really took you 3 hours to get home?

The fireworks pics look great.
So does dad's nose. =)

Stefanie Thomson said...

Eileen, Thanks so much for hangin with Shawn and I we LOVE you guys! Gotta LOVE that program! haha


Sandy said...

i so wish we would have gone into the stadium this year! looks like fun!

Andrea said...

I love Diamond Rio. So jealous. Not of the 3 hour drive, but ntless jealous.

mohsin said...

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