Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Frame transformation

Mom picked #3! Thanks to those that voted.
How I did it:
Order your print MOUNTED. Mine was mounted on matboard. Order it big enough that it covers the opening of the mat.
Break the glass. The hubs helped so I could take the photo. The hubs mows the lawn with bare feet. Don't hit too hard. Especially on the matt area that is going to show. The hammer could leave a dent that would show.
Carefully dispose of the broken glass. Sometimes, after getting rid of the glass, it leaves some extra space in the frame. If needed, turn the frame over and put some hot glue around the back edges of the matt. This holds everything firm and in place.
Spray paint with primer. I only use [and LOVE] RUSTOLEUM 2X COVERAGE. Sold only at Home Depot. For both primer and paint.
Then I spray painted black. No need to spray where it is not going to show.
I glued an old matt in the center. This helps the photo on top lay flat. And gives more surface to glue the portrait to.
Glue in place. I used E-6000. Make sure to not put glue too close to the edge, as it might ooze out and show.
Put small pieces of painters tape on the corners to hold it in place.
Place some "pressure" on it till the glue is dry.
And voila!


Tasha L. said...

What a fabulous idea! I can't wait to head to D.I. to look for "paintable" frames! Thanks!

Kellie said...

I really do love how that turned out.

Rowley Family said...

That turned out so good! I love it!

thompsonmania said...

I like the bare grass feet.

Hayley said...

Fabulous. Someday I'm gonna get to all my frames you brought over....someday.

Mallory said...

Looks good even though it's not the one I voted for. Dad cracks me up. Don't you mean he mows the lawn in his bare flippers?

Jena said...

Oh it makes me so so so excited to get my picture developed:) but where in southern utah?!