Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lil' Sista

She was not as co-operative as her siblings.We had to get creative. And be VERY patient.
She was a pill. A very CUTE pill!


Chanelle said...

LInda was just telling me what a pill she was, but you worked your magic and still managed to get some great ones!! I personally love the crying one, its classic.

Linda said...

Holy Cow!!! These are adorable, especially for how difficult she was! I am so happy and shocked! Great editing! You can't see my shoulder in any of the pictures! I also love the crying and pouting ones, because unfortunately, we see those faces way too much at our house! I'm sure someday they will make us laugh. THANK YOU so much for being so patient with us and great job!

Hayley said...

I think these are darling, and I LOVE the crying ones (is that wierd?)

Thanks for the advice today. What would I do without you?

Candace said...

Even though she was crying those crying pictures are adorable. I love the ones with the books too; so cute.