Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Half way to my babies!

We met Kellie and kids in Las Vegas last week. October weather in Vegas is mighty fine.
We stayed in a "princess castle" (Excaliber) The girlies were pretty excited about that!

Kels-we miss you guys on a daily basis!


laci said...

Eileen! It's Laci Buttars. I keep forgetting to call you at normal hours of the day, so when I remembered your photo blog, I thought, Why not? I can't interrupt you in the late hours over posting.

Anyways, I was hoping to take you up on your offer of a few extra pictures of Navi from her newborn session. (hopefully it is still good) :) I've been wanting/needing to get a few for her 6 month pictures. (yes, 6 months. Holy smokes!!) So I can give you my number, 757-4555, and I will still try and remember to call at normal hours. Whomever happens to call first I guess...

And btw, what cute grandkids you have! And another cutie to join them soon!

Vonnie said...

Such cute photos. It looks like you had a great time!
We are kindred spirits and I wished that you lived next door.

jenjamin said...

Very cute. I just love that Kellie. I barely know her but I love her. I think we might be sisters. Well... soul sisters anyway.