Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 09

The Judd-Eye Knight (Jedi Knight) costume had some new additions. (Judd-Eye 08)
New vest. (Your welcome, Judd)
New. $15.00 boots from Ross. Very sweet.

Ponytail and a small Jedi braid.
Oh. And the stash is new too. We think it's quite nast. Please facebook him and tell him to shave it.

Miss Minnie.
And my little AZ babies.


Kellie said...

SWEET costume for the Judd-eye! Love it!

Miss A looks soooo cute!

Hayley said...

What lovely grandkids you have. And Judd too.

And I adore the pics of Navi below. She is such a cute little babe, and I'm sure Laci adores them too.

Robyn said...

We love the costumes, Kellie's kids included. Did you know that kaylee (typed by herself) was Minnie, too? It was a popular costume~! Kaylee wants to know what Joe was. Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

meganjasonkayleerobynstevev (Kaylee loves you! can you figure out her coded message!?)

Heather Taylor Photography said...

They're adorable... that little Minnie is the cutest Minnie I've seen! Judd's so cool to dress up and let you take pics! Your AZ babies are adorable, too.. love the little superman!