Saturday, July 18, 2009

My cute friend Chanelle

invited me to go on this. The Logan walk was hosted by this nice guy.
Levi Sim Downtown Logan is very fun and interesting.


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun :) That seems like just the thing you would enjoy. By the way, before I get the official thank you's out, I wanted to thank you for the gift. That was exactly what I was thinking we didn't have enough of, so it was perfect!

Krysta said...

Downtown Logan is a fun place. I miss it! Your pictures really captured it. I love the angle on the building!

Thanks for your compliment on my blog. You always make me feel so good about my pictures. You're awesome!!

Hayley said...

People shouldn't be allowed to be as pretty as Chanelle. I mean really.

This looks so fun. And I've never even seen that you eat there? Where is it?

All things I need to know.

Chanelle said...

Uh, whatever Hayley. I'd much rather be on the other side of the camera.

Eileen- wow, wow, WOW! These look awesome! And completely different than what I took. I didn't see the Sweet Peas Cafe either, I wonder what that is?

Now you know you can do landscape AND portraits. You've got a great eye. I'd love to get together to see more when you get back.

Georgana said...

This looked so fun! I wanted to go but Eric got his tonsils out so life around here has been a different pace the last several days.

*Chelsey* said...

AMAZING pics Eileen and I agree with Hayley--Chanelle makes a wonderful model! Nice work!!

Marukatsu said...

Very cool pictures!

Have a nice day!