Thursday, July 2, 2009


I officially want to move to American Fork. The Star Mill is an awesome place for photos. It's an antique store/junk yard. They don't have a website, but LOTS of photos are taken there. And it's less than 5 minutes away from the cool amphitheater.
Meet my niece. She just graduated from HS with high honors. Straight 4.0 from 9th to 12th! Congrats you little smartie pants!!!
This little "smartie pants" is going to be a surgeon someday.


Hayley said...

Let's stop the talk of moving to AF. MMMKay. Some of us need you here, and would miss you greatly.

These are beautiful!

How are you?? I feel as though we never get to chat. You are missed....

Kellie said...

Those look great.

4.0 for 4 years?! That's amazing!

Congrats to Aubree!

Melissa said...

there would be 9 adults and 6 little kid's. i've tried doing it myself for the fam but they don't listen to me very well. it's always chaos with me trying to do it for everybody. :)
what do you charge??
you can e-mail me

Hiatts said...

Love AF, those places have such fond memories for me. what great pictures you took there.