Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

This little sweetie pie turns 3 today! There is MUCH to love about her:

Her favorite color is "lellow." She love grapes and "balanas." She looks forward to her "vitermin" every night. She is completely in love and addicted to this white blanket (see below photo). She sucks on a corner of it all night long, every night - which causes it to turn brown and smell a bit. Kellie is slowly just cutting the edges off. It will soon the the size of a wash cloth.
She is so very sweet

She loves the "twisty" slide at the park

She has such a giving and forgiving nature

She loves all princesses, but her favorite is "Cinder-lella"

She always has an owey somewhere. They are not always visible to the human eye.Her favorite doll is "baby Julie."She LOVES pizza! It is the only meal she will eat by herself. All other meals involve coaxing, persuasion, threats, and somtimes even spoon feeding.She loves to play "dress-up" with her big sister and "doggy" with her little brother.My favorite thing about this young lady is that she loves me! She misses me and talks about me. Especially after visits. Happy Birthday Sweetie! We love and miss you!!!!!


Andy and Mallory: said...

We love Emma. We miss them too! Happy b-day. She is getting so big and still so beautiful!!

Kellie said...

What a sweetheart. I love these pics. I sure love my "big gill".

Robyn said...

3 years old!? Where did that time go? I had forgotten what a beautiful baby she was! We miss you guys, too!

Georgana said...

Oh Wow! She has gotten so big - she's gorgeous!