Monday, August 9, 2010

Six month pics

At age 9 months!
I hardly ever shoot naked. MEANING, getting the babies naked. But her cellulite is just so delightful.There was an incident on the floor, and that is why I let her sit on my new stool. Because I knew her bladder was empty.I've had a couple people tell me she looks a lot like me. Is she as cute as me? Wait. Am I as cute as her? This is Jane's expression 90% of the day. Even while zooming down a waterslide!
We tried to sneak in a couple of this little Princess. She lasted all of 10 seconds.


Chalet said...

Eileen, what kind of flash do you use?

Stephanie said...

They are so cute!!! I love that fat too! :)

Heather Taylor Photography said...

Goodness, they're both so cute with the most gorgeous eyes! And Jane's hair... WOW, I'm so jealous! Love all these pics and the cute outfits (and non-outfits, too!) They're so lucky to have you!

Hayley said...

For the love. She is about as cute as they come.

And you are both quite cute.
And why can't cellulite be so cute on me? Why?

Kellie said...

They are both just so beautiful. I can still see Leah E. in miss J.

Andy and Mallory: said...

I love them. Thank you for your time and talents. Sorry about the floor. She pees and poops on everything you know.