Friday, August 20, 2010

Grandma Meanie

That's what he called me when I first got to AZ. I'm SURE it was an accident. See. My name is Grandma Nee Nee.Let me explain. So you won't mix me up with the famous Nie Nie.
When I was young, my family called me Eileeny. My little sister couldn't say it, so she called me Nee Nee. The name came and went over the years. But when I became an Aunt. I wanted to be Aunt Nee Nee. And then a GRANDMA. And I for sure wanted to be Grandma Nee Nee. My girls didn't love it. I fought it. I won. Grandma Eileen!? No way.
Just call me Grandma Meanie!


thompsonmania said...

I love it! When I'm a Grandma, they'll call me Pommagranny. Needs explanation, but I think it's cute.

Andrea said...

CUTE!! I am glad that you won. I love when you step outside the box and don't just use Grandma.

Kellie said...

I love that picture!

What a handsome boy.

Vonnie said...

Hi Grandma Meanie! Hahaha, that's so funny! Thanks for the note. I'm glad to bring some attention to Joe's work. The next time I'm in Logan, I'll give you a call. I'd love to get together!

Andy and Mallory: said...

I'm sticking with grandma meanie. That is classic! You are a mean grandma you know. A normal grandma doesn't let grandkids eat treats, make a mess with the toys, and they most certainly aren't patient enough to be bossed around by a three year old. (I hope you caught the sarcasm in there.) We love grandma meanie! And Robby.