Sunday, June 7, 2009

My SWEET friend Chelsey

Her photo should be next to the word SWEET in the dictionary. Seriously. Another one of my former Laurels. I love church callings that live on!


*Chelsey* said...

YAY!!! I am SO excited!! I can't wait to get the CD and print a bunch. You do such a wonderful job I can't tell you THANKS enough. I WANT to pick up the CD tomorrow but chances are with my schedule that won't happen and it will be Tuesday. Either way I will call you and let you know. I can't wait!

Stetson's face is priceless in some of these

Andy and Mallory: said...

These turned out really cute! That is one handsome little boy.

Chanelle said...

How did that happen that her little boy is that big? Seems like yesterday she was pregnant. I love his crooked grin and the one where he's watching mom & dad kiss. So cute!