Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mallory!

She informed me last night that it's her birthday WEEK. So apparently, there will be much celebration going on. Reasons why I love her:

*She is spunky and sassy!

*You always know what she is thinking. (I do love this about her)

*She married her high school sweetheart. We love him too.

*She is a very adorable and very sweet mother. *She is pregnant with my 5th grandbaby. (Due on my birthday!)
*She is very pretty.

*She is not a girlie girl. Never has been. Never will!
*She enjoys and participates in many sports.
*She is a lot like me. Only prettier and with better skin.

*The patients LOVE her!

*She has learnt how to make cool cakes! (I'll expect one on November 9th! No matter that you are due on that day---I want a new grandbaby AND a cake.)

*She loves to have fun! and makes everything fun!!!

Mallory, I love you. Seriously love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mallory! She really is so pretty. I love your birthday posts by the way :)

Stace said...

i love mallory too! i seriously want to kill her for being so photogenic!

Vonnie said...

What a beautiful, multi-talented, good girl. Like mother, like daughter.

Chanelle said...

Such a nice tribute to your awesome daughter. She's lucky to have such a great mom, too.

Andy and Mallory: said...

Thanks for the awesome b-day post and the awesome b-day lunch, dinner and presents. You are so wonderful, amazing, beautiful, etc. Love you!

Scott, Romney, and Jocelyn said...

happy birthday Mal! She really is a great girl! You're lucky to have such a great daughter!

Mandi Moon said...

Birthday week...the girl is a genius!!!
Happy Birthday Mallory. I love that you aren't a girlie girl too. We can be non-girlie girls together!