Friday, February 27, 2015


I just have no words.
It was DIVINE!


Andrea said...

Beuatiful photos. I love how crisp they are. I also love the drinks attached to the back of the stroller. Brillant.

Jenbow said...

Those are the prettiest AT DISNEY pics I've ever seen! Also... The idea to hold the water bottles on the stroller like that is BRILLIANT! You guys are just cool

Jenbow said...

Okay remember how I told you that the water bottle idea was brilliant like a year ago!? Well I remembered it & now have to ask since we will be going to Disneyland with toodler for the first time next month! YAY! EEEEk! AHHH!! HELP! haha. But seriously. Where did you find that dohickey? Or did you make it yourself. ALSO any other tips you wanna give me as to how to survive Disney with littles? Would be much appreciated. You can reply here if you ever get a sec or email me
THANKS REEEEEEEN! Sorry to creep.