Thursday, February 28, 2013

You can spray paint glass

You probably knew that already. Just make sure and use a good spray primer first. My choice is Rustoleum 2x coverage. That's my choice for spray paint too!                     

NEVER pass up a good find at DI. Never, EVER!
Four out of six of these lovelies were made, . . .
as shown above. The fifth one [yellow] is just a ceramic plate.

 I had a place in mind for my lovelies. Enter Joseph Workman. I hate that I don't have a "before" of my blue hutch. But believe me, Joe worked a MIRACLE.
Check out the table Joseph Workman has for sale. The price just came down. It's a STEAL! Go ahead. Steal it.

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Vonnie said...

wow, that looks great! Love staying up on the latest in Cache Valley.