Friday, September 9, 2011

Mr. Wilson

His FIRST name is Wilson. How cute is that!?
And, well, Georgana. There just aren't enough good words in the world for her.


Heather Taylor Photography said...

Oh, he is so cute and looks just like his big brothers!! Super cute pics, and Georgana, you look amazing! :)

Scott, Romney, and Jocelyn said...

Very cute baby! And I love all your new adorable props! I'm hoping you will be available to take some newborn pics for me in November/December!

Andrea said...

Beautiful. I love the name. I also love the picture with the hat and her hands folded across her chest.

Mallory said...

Way cute! He looks like a Hall!!

AJ and Kandice said...

Hi Eileen, I found your blog through my google analytics page, and I love your pictures! I was wondering if I could possibly use the frog and zebra pictures you took on my blog?! They turned out so great!

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