Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a frame FREAK

And an old window freak.
And old mirror freak.
Just ask Dave. He'll definitely roll his eyes. And sigh.
Let's pretend my boring, white walls are a pretty soft grey color.
[my entire upstairs needs a make-over]
I wasn't loving this.
So I switched it out to this.
Yes? No?

I've been organizing all my frames [and other obsessions]. I actually pulled out 10 frames to send to DI! This is huge.
Please don't send my name to that TV show called "Hoarders" or "Hoarding," whatever it's called.

Check out a few blog links of some fun frame ideas I've found.
Click on "check it" to see the full post.


Kellie said...


I think you need to stop going to thrift stores and just shop in your own house. =)

I've got some empty walls you could help me with!

In your bathroom: the new arrangement with the towel rack is MUCH better. I looks awesome.

laci said...

Eileen! I share your frame/mirror/old window obsession! (I also LOVE old keys, so that one picture made my heart flutter) :) I don't have near the awesome collection you do though! I have been searching for a round mirror in an old frame for ages...if you (or your husband) wanted to, ahem, get one off your hands...I wouldn't object. ;) (and I'd pay) Haha, but really, I love all your stuff. Have you ever heard of the website called pintrest? I know you follow Stacey's blog and she has mentioned it on on there, so maybe you know of it, but they have the COOLEST ideas for stuff like this.

Hayley said...

I love these so much. Love. The yellow was my inspiration for my yellow ones. :) I cant wait to see what my office is gonna look like!

Vonnie said...

Great stuff! I love seeing your frame collections and displays. You've got the touch, no doubt about it.

laci said...

I don't mean to be a mooch, so I don't really want to bug you about getting one unless you really don't care. :) I was just looking at the pic of the mirrors and it looked like there were a couple in the front? Do you just go to the DI? I need to learn the sweet places to thrift!