Friday, March 4, 2011

A few more before and afters

FRAMES! I just don't have enough good words to express how much I love frames. All of these were purchased at D.I. or yard sales. Well, except the top one. It used to hang in my bathroom. I bought that one new. Most likely with a coupon.
I just took them apart, chucked the glass, etc. Spray painted the frames, and hot glued some cut metal in them. Cost of metal: $27.00 Cost of frames: $16.00 {not including the top one from my bathroom}

I started collecting these white "milky" jars and vases when I started following this blog. D.I. and yards sales. I have SO many more! I'm so happy to finally have some uses for them.
I even spray painted a few of them. I'm hoping not to get arrested over this.

I collect old mirrors too. The 3 middle ones are already painted black. Total cost of mirrors {D.I. and yard sales} $12.00. That does not include cost of spray paint.

I got these boxes from Kwahl {?} paint store for free. A little spray paint, scrapbook paper and drawer knob...........
and VOILA!
Now notice them again.

We stayed here for 2 weeks, over 3 years ago, and Joe made me this watercolor picture to remind me of our awesome vacation.
It hung on my lockers for over a year!
Isn't it so lovely in a real frame!?
This is my view as I sit at my lovely new computer in my lovely new room.


Simply Be Photo/Melissa said...

So fun!! I love it. And lets be honest we ALL have a room(s) that look like that. I love all the creative ways you use to decorate!! And I love those milky jar things. I'm going to start to search for a few. :)

Zeb and Gentry said...

Oh my awesome! I will definitely be a copy cat with our computer/scrapbook room.

Nand said...

Oh My God I Really Exited Hope can I see this location and fun on there location.

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