Friday, September 17, 2010

My Cute Friend Stacey

(and her hubby). I was her Laurel leader for 2 years. GOOD TIMES!!! She designed Joe's blog header. She is VERY talented.She just started an awesome blog. You should put it on your list and visit often.
(click on photo to get you there)
Some things you will find there:
1. Meet This Blog Monday (fun blog finds)
2. Tutorial Tuesday (techniques/tutorials for computer programs)
3. Wish List Wednesday (fun finds and inspiration)
4. Thrift Store Thursday (thrift store finds with ideas to fix up or re-do)
5. Friday Freebie (digital ideas that you can download for free!)
But my favorite of all.....she designs Christmas cards, Wedding invites, Baby announcements, Party invites and more. They are all original creations. She gives you the image on a CD and you can print as many as you want or need. If I have ever taken photos for you, or if I do in the future.....I strongly suggest you look her up. For reals.

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Chanelle said...

Very cool! Thanks, I need some photoshop tutorials.