Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clarkston, UT

I went there. It is a beautiful, farming town about 25 minutes north/west of where I live.This cute little guy turned 1!
And a big, fat thanks to Gentry for the referral.


Heather Taylor Photography said...

I love the fun country location and his cute overalls! So sweet. What a beautiful family- you sure got great shots for them!

Zeb and Gentry said...

Uh why didn't you stop and visit?? And do I get a commission for referring this cute family? Only kidding. I love the pictures with the cows. How adorable.

Robby, Kristi and Jace said...

Eileen.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can't wait to see the rest of them. These are amazing!

Donna Pay said...

Thank you for doing such a awesome job on the Thompson family... Jace looks great.... Good job. Love the FARM...Donna (grandma)

Vonnie said...

Clarkston Ut? Are you kidding me? What is where my dad is from. In fact he is buried there, about a stones throw away from Martin Harris. I've been there hundreds of times. My Grandma Mayme Heggie Griffin, & all her siblings lived there all their lives. It's a great little town.
Oh, and darling family as well. Of course, they're from Clarkston!

Lyndsay said...


i was wondering how much u charge for family pictures! we are in need of a new one! let me know! thanks lyndsay