Friday, May 28, 2010

Yard Sale tomorrow

We are having a neighborhood yard sale. Saturday May 29th, 8:00 am to noon. Come. The address is correct on the above poster. We are in Smithfield.
Some things for sale:

*Rock Band for X-Box
*Bumbles watch bands (discounted prices!)
*girls mountain bike
*trampoline frame and springs
*trampoline ladder
*baby stroller
*Brand new Zildgian cymbols. *other crap you might need!

And Joe is trying to turn a hobby into a job. Here are some pieces he is trying to sell. There are more to choose from, and you can pick your color. OR, he will re-finish your furniture. Furniture that just needs a little love.


leigh + brian said...

I really want that teal mirror..


how much does he want for it?

his work is awesome.. i have a kitchen table and chairs that needs some help..... :)

leigh + brian said...

oh and possibly that little desk thats next to it! :)

laci said...

NOO! I want the teal desk/table! :) it's the exact color of navi's room! Or maybe I would put in an order for something? I love it all. The green table too. But seriously, I've been telling Nate I want a small table slash shelf for navi's room. So I'd love to be his first customer in his new business.

Jena said...

ok I totally get the turqoise mirror, it would be PERFECT in Kamdyns room, and the cute lime green ... uh end table? Seriously, how much!!! I have a old toy chest i can't find the time for... i'll pay!!!

Eileen said...

I LOVE it! I love that you love his work. I'm not gonna lie. He is quite good. And he would love to do the toy chest, the kitchen table, whatever.

So. He's asking $125.00 for the set. He said he would break up the pair. $75.00 for the night stand and $50.00 for the mirror. Unless anyone wants to bid higher..... :)But if you buy the set, you get a free matching frame. !

Hayley said...

Wait I think I need the teal mirror.


Scott, Romney, and Jocelyn said...

I wish we could have come! it looks like there are some awesome things!! I may have to use Joe's skills in the near future toO!

julie said...
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Ballard Family said...

Eileen I have been needing some old furniture sanded and restained what does he charge???

Jena said...

i need the mirror more.. sold at $$60!!!!

Jena said...

oh and i need that dresser too!

Studio K Photography said...

Hi Eileen..
I am just putting two and two together after following a link back out of my own blog stats..then seeing a something on one of your posts about Smithfield...your'e the lady that wrote me and had met my son serving a mission, right? You never mentioned you were a photographer! How did you leave that out? And after seeing your little yard sale treasures..I'm wishin' I was there. Anyway.. love the furniture(it would have went well in parts of my new little studio) your photos(sure wish I could"get" what everyone else has..that look, you know?). Anyway, feel free to email me if you have any more treasures or words of wisdom to impart in the photo department! My son just transferred out of there this week.