Saturday, November 14, 2009

My dear friend Stephanie

wanted some pics of her cute kids.
And are you diggin' on my new purchase?! A lovely gold ottoman. Only $3.99. No you can't have it.
I made cute Steph be in a couple.


Katie said...

does her oldest share my name? I swear I taught her in preschool. I am almost 100% sure I did. They are little cuties. Oh my gosh. Jane. Love her. Guess what Rene- I updated!

HBC said...

So funny I was looking at the pictures thinking...gosh these kids look familar... Stephanie! Man I haven't seen her in FOREVER. Say hi to her for me. Her kids are super cute.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Oh, you made my whole night!!! I'm so excited!!!!! (ok, enough with the exclamation points)

Tell Katie (or maybe she'll see this) That Katie did have a teacher at Joy School named Katie. What a small world! How do you know her?

I LOVED the ornament, it was perfect. But, of course, it made me cry. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley said...

Um, the black and white diagnol is perfection! Love it so much.

And Jane is beautiful.

Georgana said...

I LUV THEM!!! I can't belive how big those kiddos have gotten!

The Karrens said...

These are awesome pictures! Cute, cute kids Steph, and I love the location.. where are those stairs?